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A simple kiss click here to see more info seals colac's gothic Then, there was the gothictheme, which encouraged guests to ditch the semiformal attire usually expected on such occasions for more creative outfits, including vampire and witch garb. Finally, the couple at the centre of the this page attention were both women deborah and angie cooper. Yes, a gothicthemed lesbian commitment ceremony.In colac.But as deborah explained, the whole show nearly had to be moved to a nearby hospital after angie was struck down with food poisoning. "They kept her in the hospital overnight on a drip, and we thought it was going to happen in the hospital, and then this morning angie rang me up and said:'I'm coming home',"Deborah said after tying the knot. The hospital certainly would have been a lot warmer than colac's memorial square in the middle of july. Even deborah, who hails from durham in the northeast of england, said it was cold. Angie, who met her partner on the internet three years ago, recovered to make a grand entrance, dressed in a white, to the cheers of about 50 wellwishers. Angie had issued an open invitation to the people of colac to attend the commitment ceremony, drawing some criticism from people on religious grounds, and also from a man, who thought it was wrong to have the ceremony in a square dedicated to the district's war dead.

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