Pandora Charms Canada arrest said.The men were positioned in custody

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Axe gang hits luxury notice store in paris On the subject of 15 men, a lot wielding axes and sledgehammers, burst into a luxury watch store in the heart of paris in broad daylight on friday and made off with a haul worth a substantial number of euros. In the near future before lunch, two well dressed men entered the vacheron constantin store near the luxurious place vendome, where several high end jewellers are placed, and let in a third man who had previously been armed. A single watch crafted by the swiss luxury watch maker can sell for thousands of euros.Police said materials stolen were"Of a very crucial amount, Around six accomplices beyond the showroom, just metres abandoning france justice ministry, used smoke grenades to allow those inside to manufacture a speedy escape, police arrest said. They fled by walking. Two of the men were arrested in your neighborhood and two sledgehammers and an axe were found nearby, criminal Cheap Pandora Charms Canada arrest said.The men were positioned in custody and were from eastern europe. Local public commissioner francis vincenti said the raid bore"Are witness to to a new modus operandi"Given the number of men involved and the fact they could make a getaway in an area teeming with surveillance cameras. Rapid last month, four men rammed your car into an upmarket jewellery store near place vendome, making served by Pandora Jewelry Store a two million euro($2.6 million)Rear end. Keep away from 2008, three men emptied the vast majority of the stock of gems from the harry winston jewellery store.As 2009, police said they had reclaimed 80 percent of the haul.

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